Perfect English Proofreading (PEP) has been providing specialist scientific and technical proofreading services for over 10 years.  While PEP’s services are tailored for Japanese professionals, we are happy to undertake proofreading for anyone wishing to publish in English, regardless of their country of origin and the medium in which they wish to publish.

We particularly cater for scientists and professionals wishing to publish in international journals and who require native English proofreaders with a high degree of technical understanding in their area of research. Such technical understanding is an essential component lacking in many of the proofreading services that have recently become available. While many international journals published in English ask that non-native English speakers have their work checked by a native English speaker prior to submission for publication, it is also important that proofreaders have understanding of the subject material in the publication.  Special discounts are available to repeat customers, and to students.

We also provide proofreading services to businesses, including website and advertising material.

PEP proofreaders are all university educated native English speakers with postgraduate degrees and specialist knowledge in a variety of scientific and technical fields.  This allows us to to understand the technical content of papers, an essential ability for competent proofreading.

Perfect English Proofreading is based in Perth, Western Australia and Tokyo, Japan.

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