Perfect English Proofreading provides proofreaders with specialist training and knowledge in a variety of scientific and technical fields, as well as exceptional English speaking and writing ability.

We provide proofreading for BOTH correct English AND technical meaning, which is essential if publications are to be accepted and have maximum impact in the international literature.


TickProofreading by a specialist with a scientific or technical postgraduate university education in English.

TickDocument will NOT be rejected for publication because of the standard of English alone.

To obtain a quote, please contact us or  send us your publication,

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There are two methods for clients to use PEP’s services:

1. Email document (including all titles, headings, figure labels etc.) in a word processor format (preferably Microsoft Word ’95 or later) — quickest method

2. Post document to PEP* with the understanding that proofing will take longer and responses may need to be in a written rather than electronic format. (It is recommended that clients using this method send documents via a registered post service, e.g. commercial courier, to prevent loss in transit.)  — slower than emailing

* – An additional cost will be incurred to return the proofed document to the client by the client’s preferred method.



The response time will vary dependent on the length of the document to be proofed and the standard of English.  For emailed documents, we offer three price plans as below.  Posted documents are likely to take 2 to 4 weeks from delivery (dependent on client’s choice of postal return method).

  • Standard – 96 hours: ¥3 per word
  • Fast-track – 48 hours: ¥6 per word
  • Special (特別)  – 24 hours: ¥12 per word

Turn-around times are generally counted from when a payment is received, for this reason instant payments using PayPal are the preferred option for time sensitive material.



Cost is based on the size of the document and the chosen price plan, but an approximate cost is ¥ 400 per page (double spaced, 12 font) at a Standard turnaround. To calculate the exact cost, the number of words in the document will be multiplied by the price per word for the given plan, as above. To check the approximate cost of having your document proofed, select Word count from the Tools menu in word, and multiply the ‘Words’ figure by 3 (standard).  Alternatively use the cost estimator at the bottom of the page.

e.g. A 10 page, double spaced document in 12 pt font would have approximately 1,300 words:

Cost =1300 x 3 = ¥ 3,900 (minus any discounts)

For a free quote please send us your publication and we will let you know the cost of proofreading should you choose to continue.

DISCOUNTS: Special discounts are offered:

  • to repeat clients – 5% off on submission of third job
  • for referring new customers – 5% off future proofreading when the referred client makes an order
  • students – 5% off student papers and reports and 15% off theses (verified students only)



A invoice will be provided soon after receipt of the document and the client is requested to pay as soon as possible by the most convenient method.

  • Credit card (secure web payment by PayPal)
  • PayPal payment
  • Bank Transfer (Japanese or  Australian Bank)

To make a payment or to learn more about payment options go to our Payments page, or make a PayPal payment below.