Perfect English Proofreading offers a range of customised, dedicated packages for businesses.  Featuring special volume discounts and turnaround times, these packages can assist businesses ensure that all external material is released to clients and the public with the highest standard of English.  We specialise in assisting companies that work in technical and scientific fields, but are are also able to assist with a range of mediums in lay to highly technical English.

For more information on how we can provide ongoing, dedicated proofing support to your business, please contact us with details on the volume of material, the nature of the English publications and communications, and required turnaround times.  We will tailor a package that meets your exact requirements for perfect English.

Examples of business support in perfect English:

  • advertising material
  • communications (e.g. important client emails and letters)
  • instruction manuals
  • newsletters
  • technical documentation
  • websites

For general information on our services please click here, noting that special pricing, payment options and turnaround times apply to dedicated packages.